Digital Product Design

Built on research.
Created with businesses.
Designed for people.

What I do

  • Design engaging products that meet business goals and drive revenue
  • Help businesses understand and empathise with their users so that products meet real needs
  • Strategise product roadmaps so that businesses and organisations can be competitive
  • Lead projects through the end-to-end journey of discovery, research, ideation, validation and delivery
  • Fast and Lean work: design, test and learn via rapid prototyping or live-monitoring cycles
  • Get deeply into my projects, solving thorny problems and being responsible for outcomes

How I do it

I've developed a number of core skills and continue to learn more as the industry and technology advance.
Each project differs so selecting the correct approaches and activities, that will bring about the most expedient solution, is key.


  • User, stakeholder and expert interviews
  • Usability testing (in-person or remote)
  • Surveys and top tasks
  • Analysis and report writing
  • Presentations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Participant recruitment
  • Quantitative analytics (Heap, Hotjar) and A/B testing
  • Customer feedback analysis

UX Design

  • Information architecture
  • Taxonomies
  • Rapid prototyping in high and low fidelity
  • Wireframing
  • User journey and system mapping
  • Ideation sessions
  • User and system flows
  • Content audits

UI Design

  • Interaction design and specification
  • Design systems and styleguides
  • Hi-fidelity prototyping for handover
  • Popular design tools: Sketch, Invision, Axure, Adobe
  • UI sketching
  • Responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Design principles: layout, grids, typography, hierarchy and colour

I also...

“Ben’s work is methodical, detailed and professional. He has a great knack for understanding the business objectives from stakeholders, understanding our customers and translating these into recommendations and then products...

I cannot recommend him enough as a UX consultant.”

Rachel Smith (Design manager, INTO Global)

Key projects

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