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The anatomy of an international checkout page

As part of a research project for Lowcost Travel Group I produced a presentation on the best practices of international checkout pages. I presented a 'redux' version of this at the monthly UX Brighton meetup - you can view it on youtube here and the presentation is on slideshare here.

I was asked by Lowcost Travel Group's Product Team to 'improve the checkout page and ensure it was responsive' - a very light and open project brief. I took the brief and begun with a 3 week desk research phase where I gathered best practices on checkout pages and internationalisation from numerous sources such as UX Stack Exchange, Baymards Institute and some great videos from Luke Wroblewski. To support this I carried out some internal user testing of the pages with the international staff of the company which helped uncover numerous usability issues and hinted on a poor level of support for our international users.

Using Evernote I collated and tagged 300 separate insights from which I started to formulate a presentation from. This 80 page document covered:

This was presented to our product director and manager, the project team (BA's Devs and QA) and our external agency Brightec who produce our App.

These insights led to a series of recommendations which I prototyped using Axure to help describe the user journey, key interactions and validation. After iterating the prototype I produced a fully responsive design and a UI styleguide to explain interactions. These were annotated and handed-over to the development teams to work from.

A specification document supported the designs which detailed each form field and it's validation requirements. These helped tailor the fields for their international variations for certain information such as name and address formats and varying payment methods.

The page was user tested remotely using WhatUsersDo (who provide access to international users) and with our international staff (in usability sessions I ran using Silverback). Feedback was applied and the iterated product was tested in more face-to-face sessions.

Since release, the page has seen a 5% uplift in conversion. We will be applying it to our other products and Apps.

Does your Checkout page need reviewing? Are your international customers fully catered for? For consultancy to improve your site's conversion and your businesses revenue, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.