Digital Product Design

"Good design is like clear thinking made visual"

Edward Tufte
"Good design is like clear thinking made visual." Edward Tufte


To design an effective solution we need to understand your business and it's users.

Kick-off meetings and workshops are undertaken where we discuss and scope the project. This is extended to stakeholder interviews where we listen to key members of your business to get a well rounded view of your processes, requirements and issues.

User research gives us valuable insight into what your users' goals are, how they perceive your brand and how they use your product. One-to-one interviews (in a user's environment or remotely) allow us to get to core user needs. User testing existing sites and those of competitors can help us understand how your product is already performing.

With these insights we can set a foundation for your product that will support your business needs whilst satisfying your users demands and expectations.


Working closely with you we’ll explore options for how your product will be organised so users can navigate around it logically and without hindrance.

Assessing key user journeys will help us focus on what content is truly required for your product to work. Site mapping allows us to organise this content into a logical and navigable structure. User interface sketching makes us consider suitable interactions for each feature. These can be formalised into prototypes, user stories and specification documents which support the project and can be used to brief developers and content teams.

Prototyping your product allows us to usability test our design assumptions before we proceed into the production phase.

All of the above can be carried out in a 'mobile first' approach where we focus on the essentials so that we can provide the slickest journey for all of your users whether they’re on their phone, tablet or any other device.


Translating your brand aesthetic onto your website is essential. A well designed product appeals to your market whilst setting you aside from your competitors; making you both engaging and distinguishable in a crowded market.

We work in a series of design phases and quickly get on the right track by undertaking workshops and preliminary mock-ups (exploring fonts, imagery and colour palettes) for review and discussion. Once on the right track we design key pages, style guides and design systems.

All of our products are designed to be responsive – tailoring the interfaces and content for different devices so each user gets the best experience whether on tablet, mobile or desktop.


Usability testing your product helps us qualify the decisions made during the design phase. Moderated interviews generate deep insights with which we can use to polish the product
before launch.

This process continues in private or public betas, where we gather analytics and user feedback from surveys and interviews. We continue to learn and gain confidence in what we will launch.

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