Digital Product Design


Prototyping to bridge the language gap with leading global insurer

User Experience Design / Workshops / Responsive & Mobile Design


Working for one of the world’s largest insurers, I lead the redesign projects and undertook UX design for the Latin America brochureware sites. In addition we were briefed to work on a number of task-based user journeys: applying and claiming for B2C and B2B insurance products.

Brochureware redesigns:

Working with an overseas client, I took them through the UX phase before facilitating the design and development teams through the Agile development phases.

We worked on a number of sitemaps to debate how best to organise the site and it's products and quickly made a prototype of the navigation to help us visualise it. Later in the project, after I had led sketching sessions with design and development teams, we opted to bypass wireframes in favour of working directly into the prototype too. Templates could quickly be created and linked together to emulate user journeys and be presented to the client.

The benefits of prototyping:

Without doubt, the prototype significantly sped up the sign off process - it allowed us to debate UX design decisions and was particularly helpful as the client (who was non-english speaking) would have been alienated by reams of documentation (something we weren’t keen on creating either!). In providing a prototype and 'Showing the thing' we made a project (which was prone to stumbling points) smooth and comprehendible for everyone from the client to our development team.

Online application and claim journeys:

In addition to the brochureware sites, we worked on a number of projects to refine task-based journeys of applying and claiming for insurance. The briefs consisted of spreadsheets of complex questions that users had to complete. Translating that into a simple user journey was a challenge however we found prototypes helped us out immensely.

Seeing the designs on screen, we could decide how to group question sets, rewrite copy and design interfaces to provide a smoother journey. In addition, we could test these with stakeholders and users to check whether the requirements of the project were fulfilled before proceeding with development.

Key Deliverables: