Digital Product Design


Redesigning a site, to reposition a brand

Responsive & Mobile Design / User Experience Design / UI Design / Workshops

LSG Sky Chefs are one the worlds leading providers of airline food and logistics and work with the leading brands such as KLM and Qantas.

The company undertook brand analysis to understand how it was positioned in the marketplace and how was being threatened by other global distributors such as Starbucks. Analysis suggested it had a solid grounding in it’s food preparation and delivery but it was falling behind in providing new and exciting experiences for its customers, ie. being an innovative ‘Creator’.

We worked with the client to assess the various user types and their goals. User types included: Airline Operators, Prospective Employees, Consumers, Media and Suppliers.

We prioritised the 6 types using a 'priority poker' technique which helped us order them in terms of how important they are to the business, and how much they should be represented on the site.

With this user oriented approach we started to consider how best to organise the site to provide all of the relevant options to the users in a simple, and accessible manner. Versions of sitemaps were produced in the meeting and iterated throughout the definition phase of the project.

Additionally, I delivered a visual redesign, iterating 2 key templates designs for the client to review. After sign off, these were evolved into a full UI library for the development team to work from.

Key deliverables: