Digital Product Design


"An old design will be detrimental to your product, leading to declining metrics..."
Jeff Gothelf 'Indications it's time for a redesign'

Design Management / Project Lead / Workshops

Working alongside Designer James Jack, I managed the design project for the reskin of travel eCommerce site

The site had retained the same look and feel for several years and was badly due a reskin. Taking input from Jeff Gothelf’s article ('Indications it’s time for a redesign') James and I user tested the existed design against competitors in Gatwick Airport where we gathered insights from the public and rated the site against Airbnb, Momondo, Travel Republic and On The Beach.

Working with James in a series of workshops we reviewed competitors and aspirational sites with senior stakeholders to gather input which would drive the project. Early interviews with branding teams assessed that the existing guidelines deserved a stronger representation that was currently in place so the reskin looked to build on those guidelines so users had a smooth transition with coherent colour palettes which would improve conversion and reduce any shock of an overhaul. James redesigned our iconography, revisited the imagery guidelines, designed animations and interactions and selected a new font - all of which, when brought together, made the site feel both modern and appropriate to the brand.

We followed up our original user feedback sessions by remote testing the new designs against the same competitors on a Preference Test. Our new design rated higher than our competitors and validated the new direction with the stakeholders.

After signing off the new visual direction with the CEO and CTO we moved on from page designs to a key asset that would ensure that the development teams translated the designs effectively. We produced an html styleguide which pinned down colour and font options as well as paddings and margins so developers had a definitive design system to work from.

Working with the development team I monitored the reskin to ensure all design decisions were translated correctly across all break-points.


"Ben is an absolute pleasure to work with. I have a policy of hiring people who challenge me and Ben is always ready to help the team to push a design to the next level of excellence. He's equally at home with blue sky innovating as he is optimising existing experiences. He conducted one of the most thorough pieces of research into payment page best practices I have ever come across - and it worked! He has a natural capability of drawing the most out of research and getting to the heart of a problem. He also single handedly designed a new website UI for us from the ground up. He's also a thoroughly nice guy to work with. He's firmly on my list of people to look up when I need UX expertise in the future."

David Jonnes
Product Director at LowCostTravelGroup