Digital Product Design


Research driven innovation project for the Electric Vehicle market

Project Lead / User Research / UI Design / User Experience Design / Workshops

During my contract at Bluelab I worked on projects relating to connected homes and electric vehicle (EV) charging. As an Innovation department the goals of Bluelab projects were to deliver forward-thinking products that tapped into future economies, business models and energy generation/storage techniques. These proof-of-concepts would be escalated to the wider business to provide options for how they could evolve to stay relevant and ahead of their competitors.

The ChargeShare project focused on providing an online hub for homeowners to share their EV chargepoints with other EV drivers (think Airbnb but for plug sockets). The project was developed using modern technologies (Blockchain, Angular 2) and I worked closely with the developers, project manger and head of design to ensure the product direction met the business needs and technical environments whilst being simple and appealing to users.

The largest and most complex feature was the booking journey which consisted of over 50 touch points and messages a user would engage with over a 2 weeks period as they confirmed, paid and fulfilled their booking. I approached this with a user flow of wireframes presented on a project wall so content and copy could be seen in context by the entire team.