Digital Product Design


Interviewing UK exporters in the wake of the brexit decision

User Research / Presentations

Working as a contractor on behalf of Engine Group/Partners Andrew Aldridge I worked as a user researcher on a project for the DIT (formerly UKTI) to explore the perceptions and experiences of small/micro businesses in relation to exporting.

Our Agile team worked on stakeholder interviews, research plans and interview scripts before interviewing 26 DIT staff and UK businesses. After analysis we presented to the team (head of content, programme and product managers) which informed content designers’ briefs and solutions.


  • Working within a project framework
  • Working in an Agile environment within a product team
  • Formative stakeholder interviews
  • Research goals and script planning
  • 26 user interviews (with DIT staff and UK businesses)
  • Analysis and report writing
  • Presentation to head of content, programme manager, product owner, product delivery and content designers